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Help! I'm stuck at work…
Feeling stuck at work can be caused by a lot of different situations: being passed up for promotion, being in what appears to be a dead end job, or not feeling recognized. Start by taking control, and responsibility for the situation. Your employer doesn't owe you a living. If you’re playing the blame game, stop. Blaming yourself or your employer won’t get you that better or different job.
I've just been recently promoted…I'm overwhelmed!
CONGRATULATIONS! Every new manager feels overwhelmed. Expectations have suddenly changed and in many of today's workplaces an attitude of sink or swim prevails. Take heart someone has recognized that you have certain skills, gifts, and aptitudes that made you their choice for this job! DO you know what these are?
My team isn't performing…I'm getting frustrated.
Teams non-perform for many reasons. Lack of leadership, little direction, wrong people in jobs, low skill levels, no motivation and the list goes on. We believe that no one comes to work to purposely do a bad job. In many instances employees and teams perform badly because of a considerable gap between what the organisation expects and what the team understands.
I love my job, but hate my Boss.
Many of us go through life "putting up" with people we just cannot see eye to eye with. Invariably we build defences and processes that in the long run hurt us.  If you hate your boss you're probably not speaking well of him, and coming to work probably makes you feel anxious and overwhelmed.

I don't have time for…
Leading a balanced life is not only good for you but also necessary in becoming a fulfilled, productive, and joyful person!

Often, one of the causes of having too little time are all the things we say yes too, when we really wanted to say NO.
I'm retiring…now what?
Congratulations you're retired! People are sometimes ill prepared for the onset of retirement. We can become so wrapped up with our careers and family that our own personal identity gets misplaced.
I've just lost my job…so what do I do now?
This may sound trite but when one door closes another opens. Your attitude and frame of mind are important in looking for work. Take stock of what has happened. Become aware that grieving is an important part of the process of letting go. Anger, denial, bargaining and finally acceptance are normal.

Consider that this is an opportunity to either continue in a field you love or to discover what you really want to do. If you lack reserves and the pressure is on to "get back into work" consider that you might need to work at something you don't like or want to do. If you need to do this then put a plan into place that will get you out of there and into something you want to do as soon as you can!
I hate my job…my life.
It takes great courage to admit to this. Congratulations you may be ready to create the life you want! Many people come to coaching because they want help in getting themselves back on track. Many people feel that somewhere down the line their life is not what they wanted.
My personal relationships aren't fulfilling...
On occasion we find ourselves in relationships that are just seem to be hindering our growth and happiness. Doing something about them can be difficult. People grow apart, needs change and our expectations also change.  Healthy relationships change, evolve, grow and become different over time. In healthy relationships the hearts really do grow fonder.
I want to lose weight…again
In my experience I have found that people can use weight issues as a physical barrier between them and others. A way of keeping themselves safe. Fear of success or fear of failure is also not unusual. Remember your doctor should supervise any weight loss plan.
Ask yourself:
• How does being at this weight serve me?
• How would I feel at my goal weight?
• What would happen if I were at my goal weight?
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